Marriage for all, now!


Marriage Week celebrates commitment and reminds us that not everyone in the United Kingdom can get married. We will not forget Northern Ireland in the fight for LGBT equality.

Our LGBT Officer, Richard Angell, has written an excellent article (even if we do say so ourselves!) for LabourList.

Our brothers and sisters in Northern Ireland do not enjoy the same rights to marriage as we do in the rest of the UK and indeed Ireland.

LPIS will continue to fight for equality and human rights across these islands. Richard writes:

"Everyone across the UK should have the same human rights: to get a civil partnership or get married, if you are straight or LGBT, and in all four corners of the union. Simple.

"So we have to strengthen our resolve. We must not stop until the whole of the UK and Ireland have marriage equality. Until everyone can marry who they love and have it recognised in law.

"Marriage Week should not just be to celebrate commitment but a remember that there are those who make a commitment that the law refuses to recognise. We will not forget Northern Ireland."

You can read Richard's full LabourList article here.