Gerry Ryan Community Award

Nominations are now open for the Gerry Ryan Award for organisations and charities who make a contribution to the Irish community in Britain.

Councillor Gerry Ryan was a long-standing Irish Labour councillor in Croydon and a founding member of the Labour Party Irish Society. Following his passing in 2015 the LPIS honoured his memory by establishing this award to recognise others, like Gerry, who have done so much for the Irish in Britain. 

This year we welcome nominations for the award from our members. Please email [email protected] with the subject title 'Gerry Ryan Award' and provide the organisation's name along with a brief summary of why you believe they deserve recognition for their contribution to the Irish community. The Executive Committee will then decide the winning nomination. 

Please send your nominations in as soon as possible so we can give notice to representatives of the winning organisation and invite them to receive the award at the St Patrick's Day Reception on Monday 16th March.