Labour Irish at the 'Put it to the people' March

The Labour Party Irish Society was proud to join hundreds of thousands at the "Put it to the People" march for a final say on Brexit to protect the best deal we have now with Britain and Ireland in Europe together.

Our AGM in January voted in favour of giving the public a final say whether or not we leave the European Union and so we'll be marching through London to make our voice heard.

This is what our policy says:

"The Labour Party Irish Society notes that Northern Ireland voted on 23rd June 2016 to stay in the European Union by 56% to 44%. We believe that there is no deal as good as the current deal we have with our membership of the European Union.

"We believe that leaving the European Union threatens jobs, living standards and rights in Britain and Ireland, as well as jeopardising the peace process. We believe that there is no satisfactory technological solution that is compliant with the Good Friday Agreement and resolve to oppose any Brexit deal that would see the restoration of a border of any sort on the island of Ireland, in any form, for goods, services or people.

"We note the unprecedented parliamentary vote against Theresa May's deal on 15th January 2019 and regret the failure of Labour's no confidence motion on 16th January. The Labour Party Irish Society believes that the Labour Party should therefore now campaign for a public 'final say' vote in line with our annual conference policy passed in September 2018.

"We believe that the option to 'Remain' should be on the ballot paper. And we believe the Labour Party should campaign for a 'Remain' vote in any such referendum. The Labour Party Irish Society resolves to campaign to these ends."