Recognising Northern Ireland's unique situation

The EU Withdrawal Treaty must take into account the unique situation of Northern Ireland in the debate over the backstop. 

Earlier in the month we wrote to the Leader of the Labour Party concerning the language some in the party were using in relation to the backstop.

We reminded Jeremy Corbyn of the importance of the Good Friday Agreement – a Labour achievement – and the need to ensure the EU Withdrawal Treaty takes into account the unique situation of Northern Ireland. We urged him not to allow Labour to "dramatise" the backstop, especially given there was so much more in the agreement to attack the Tories on.

As a result of this letter, we met today with Shadow Northern Ireland minister Karin Smyth MP. We emphasised to Karin the need for balanced language and careful consideration of the unique needs of Northern Ireland and Labour's positive and constructive alternative to May’s disastrous deal. LPIS also produced a briefing for Labour MPs on the backstop in advance of the Withdrawal Agreement debate in parliament.

We also covered other key issues including the Common Travel Area, cross border institutions and a potential constitutional convention